Microsoft focuses on exclusive content for xbox one

Microsoft focuses on exclusive content for xbox one

In addition, football legends such as pele, patrick vieira, freddie ljungberg, ruud gullit and gary lineker will only be available as characters on xbox consoles in the game from electronic arts (EA). Microsoft manager oliver kaltner told dpa that it was particularly appealing to build up the company's own team from current players and legends. EA has had a very strong interest in working with microsoft, he said. "We will also succeed in continuing to develop exclusive themes."

A premium bundle is also to be available from 5. November the game "call of duty" will be sold together with the xbox one. For "tom clancy's the division" from ubisoft there is also exclusive content for the xbox one, it was announced at the press conference at the start of this year's gamescom in poland. Microsoft also announced a new program in poland to attract independent developers to the console. It made it possible for small studios and start-ups to develop titles for the xbox, said kaltner.

Libya: migrants flee after failed crossing

Libya: migrants flee after failed crossing

Around 200 migrants who were also trying to flee were caught, she says. The people were part of a total of 280 people on board a ship that was intercepted during the crossing to europe this week. Among them were also women and children.

The libyan coast guard brought them back to the port of tripoli. There they were stuck on the ship of the coast guard, because there is always shelling in tripoli. On thursday evening, they were allowed to leave the ship, but had to stay in a landing center in the harbor, according to the IOM.

No two gardens are the same

No two gardens are the same

Brigitte krause "i have food all year round." Dora humpfner cultivates and cares for her farm garden in hainert. It is designed in a good manner and inspires her neighbor sabine pecoraroschneider again and again. Or the garden of the artist gerd kanz. The owner of the old brewery in untermerzbach not only paints and creates sculptures, he is also an enthusiastic garden market visitor and enjoys his collection of daylilies year after year, for example. A step outside the box, the lutz family’s garden is home to 60 species of snowbells and many hellebores. The owners of many gardens in the district of habberge and also in neighboring towns met in zeil for a first "network meeting" for the garden paradise habberge, which was initiated by the district advisory service for horticulture and land conservation in the district.

District advisor guntram ulsamer found energetic help in sabine pecoraroschneider and her husband reinhard, who settled in the knetzgau district of hainert only a few years ago. Your rough talent: social networks and internet presence. You yourself have your own internet blog and offered to start the blog "gartenparadiese habberge" with garden owners from the county to build up and take care of.

Another dispute over the kleinsendelbach multipurpose hall

About 60 citizens came to the multipurpose hall, which was inaugurated last year, to hear from mayor gertrud werner (UWG) about the development of their community, which has a population of 1,520.

On the subject of the multipurpose hall, innkeeper wilhelm holzmann, who as an immediate neighbor had repeatedly demonstrated with transparency against the construction and the costs of 1.8 million euros, denounced the high level of indebtedness. The new building is completely excessive for a small community like kleinsendelbach and has led a previously debt-free municipality into a financial crisis. When mayor werner wanted to see the beginning of all the jubilation in her preganger and asked the question into the rough hall, what the then burghers might have said if she had simply stopped the shell construction, she earned loud applause. She expressed the opinion that many citizens are proud of their multipurpose hall today.

“This only happens once in bavaria”

Oberhaid – "you do the attacking, I am the defender", the chairman of the RSC concordia klaus ott calls out to the oberhaider mayor carsten joneitis. Meanwhile, sonja vetter, the second chairwoman of the RSC, has positioned herself in the goal. Lothar dressel, his sign 3. Board of the 1. FC oberhaid is ready for the flank. Long the responsible persons of the two oberhaider fubball clubs did not have to ask themselves, in order to start against each other to the small derby. The occasion is for both clubs a pleasant, as well as a unique: the first and second team of FC oberhaid and the first team of RSC concordia oberhaid have become champions in their leagues: the FCO is champion of the district league west and now has the opportunity in the deciding games to advance to the state league: "this is the greatest success in the 84-year club history", explains lothar dressel. The second team has become A-class champion in group 4 and the RSC is champion in the A-class 2.

Together in one group?

Everyman bike race: new pavement has passed test

A bike race over 50 to 150 kilometers is a tough test. For the cyclists. It was also a quality test for the new paving in the main street west of the tumertower. The stretch to steggasse was the last bend before the finishing straight at weihers bachgelande. Some wanted to squeeze a few seconds out of it. This was possible because the former roadway and sidewalks are paved with concrete blocks in such a way as to create a smooth flat surface.

"The stucco is wonderful", says holger bluhm. He is not a spectator at the bike race, but pushes his mother in a wheelchair from the city center to the retirement home in wurzburger strabe.

Many coburgers wanted to experience the green anton hofreiter

many coburgers wanted to experience the green anton hofreiter

Toni hofreiter’s speech on wednesday evening at the "munchner hofbrau" was largely state-supporting. The chairman of the bundnis 90/die grunen parliamentary group spoke on the day of german unity on the subject of "showing attitude and strengthening cohesion. The coburg gruns had rented the large hall of the guesthouse, well aware that hofreiter would address a larger interested audience. "Rough room", the designation quickly proved to be relative: ten minutes before the official start, the room was packed, and people were still rushing in. Without further ado, they dragged chairs over to force the seats into every little gap. Eventually the windowsill was occupied and also standing room behind the bar.

It was not one of the usual election rallies with more or less fierce attacks on one’s political rivals. Even the usual direct candidate presentations with navel-gazing and an exclusive claim to the truth of one’s own positions did not occur. Ina sinterhauf, first-place candidate for the coburg grunen in the bavarian state elections on 14. October, took over the role of moderator in the final round of questions from the audience.

Madeira survivors land in germany

madeira survivors land in germany

Most survivors of madeira bus disaster back in germany. Three days after the accident with 29 dead, the 15 injured were brought from the portuguese vacation island to colonia by a special plane of the german armed forces.

North rhine-westphalia’s minister president armin laschet (CDU) buried the injured in the military section of the airport in koln-wahn, according to the state chancellery.

Obama makes military strike dependent on congressional vote

Obama makes military strike dependent on congressional vote

He affirmed on saturday that the regime of bashar al-assad had been "rehabilitated" after the "worst poison gas attack of the 21st century". Century" was not allowed to get away scot-free. But the U.S. Will be a stronger country if the decision to launch a military strike is trimmed by the people’s elected representatives, the president said in a speech in the rose garden of the white house in washington.

Obama expressly accused the assad regime of carrying out a terrorist attack on 21 september. August to have used poison gas in opposition-controlled suburbs of damascus. Well over a thousand people are reported to have died.

More apprenticeships than young people

The overall positive development on the labor market in the main-rhon region continued until the end of the first half of the year. The unemployment rate remained constant in june at 2.9 percent. 7131 people were registered as unemployed this month. This was two more people than in the previous month. Compared with the previous year, however, the level of unemployment is higher. At that time, there were 694 fewer unemployed people and the unemployment rate was 2.6 percent.

"In some companies, there are traces of initial uncertainty caused by international developments and also by the structural change in the automotive industry. Unemployment did not fall as usual in june, but remained unchanged compared to the previous month. However, the schweinfurt labor market remains robust, and demand for new employees has picked up again noticeably this month", notes thomas stelzer, head of the schweinfurt employment agency.