Nicholas opens the window

Nicholas opens the window

From out of the woods he came: santa claus visited the advent window that the cultural initiative opened in front of the large christmas tree on the market square.

He didn't have a rod with him, but candy for the little ones and a few snappy sayings for the adults.

Three meter long tunnel

Chairman hans moos and his team had come up with something special this time – a three-meter-long stud.

The proceeds from the sale will go mainly to the kindergarten in trebgaste. "But we want to use the first 20 euros as seed money for our new project.", the chairman surprised the visitors. "Next year, a new cultural mile is to be created from the town center to the sports facilities and the swimming lake. With this foundation today, we want to really get going for it."

With stollen, plazas, gluhwein and songs sung together, supported by the trombone choir under the direction of karin schulz, it was a contemplative hour for all, away from the daily hustle and bustle. 


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