Rollmann succession in augsburg in the coming weeks

Rollmann succession in augsburg in the coming weeks

One day after the press release about the separation from rollmann, there was no new official state of affairs at the fubball-bundesligisten, from the club side was referred to the announcement of the day before. "The FCA asks for understanding that due to an ongoing procedure no further details about the separation can be made", it had said.

The table penultimate had surprised with the personalie uberraschen. Reason was "unbridgeable differences in the sporting development". Rollmann had only taken up his post on 8. October kicked off. The lawyer named by rollmann was initially unavailable for comment on christmas eve.

Kissinger eissport gmbh under preliminary insolvency administration

The bad kissingen ice rink has not developed to its advantage in recent years. Even before the sale in summer 2017, the property was considered a problem child for the city because of the regular deficit from operations. And after the sale has not become permanently better. Recently, the dispute of the owners with the ice hockey club of the kissinger wolfe made headlines. Now there are financial problems. The district court of schweinfurt placed eissport bad kissingen gmbh under preliminary insolvency administration on tuesday. The clean reason for this step came from the municipal utility bad kissingen gmbh. According to the schweinfurt district court, the city's subsidiary has filed for insolvency. The aim was "to secure the receivables" his company's head of public utilities, manfred zimmer, said in response to an inquiry. The stadtwerke gmbh "could not put this off".

Receivables in the five-digit range

Zimmer did not provide any details of the claims. But it can be assumed that over a long period of time payments must have been missed. The energy supplier certainly doesn't go straight to the insolvency court because of a non-transferred monthly payment. According to the rumor, the demand of the municipal utility is in the mid-figure range. According to unconfirmed information, the company is also said to have been concerned about the photovoltaic system it maintains on the roof of the ice rink.

Defense counsel in bvb trial: “it was not an attempted murder”

Defense counsel in bvb trial: 'it was not an attempted murder'

The suspected BVB assassin sergej W. Should not be convicted of attempted murder according to the will of his defenders.

In their plea before the dortmund jury court on thursday, lawyers carl heydenreich and christos psaltiras requested a prison sentence of significantly less than ten years for causing an explosive detonation. The 29-year-old defendant had been involved in the bombing on 11. April 2017 had no intent to kill, but only wanted to spread fear and terror. "He trusted that he could control the bombs," lawyer heydenreich said in his closing argument.

“Heil hitler” is not acceptable

Michael busch the judge christian kretschmar addressed the defendant again energetically at the end of the trial before the erlangen district court: "the law stipulates that i can only discontinue proceedings if the defendant has confessed to the crime." The 19-year-old hebdorfer then looked at his father sitting in the courtroom, who at first did not know how to interpret the judge’s offer.

What happened? In february, the very young-looking man had gotten drunk. "Three vodka energy pre-mixed, one vodka energy self-mixed, one jack-daniels from the can", he admitted before the judge. In the meadow ground he met with friends to consume the drinks bought before in the discounter.