Everyman bike race: new pavement has passed test

A bike race over 50 to 150 kilometers is a tough test. For the cyclists. It was also a quality test for the new paving in the main street west of the tumertower. The stretch to steggasse was the last bend before the finishing straight at weihers bachgelande. Some wanted to squeeze a few seconds out of it. This was possible because the former roadway and sidewalks are paved with concrete blocks in such a way as to create a smooth flat surface.

"The stucco is wonderful", says holger bluhm. He is not a spectator at the bike race, but pushes his mother in a wheelchair from the city center to the retirement home in wurzburger strabe.

"We are very satisfied", praises bluhm further. He expects that his mother will be able to get around with a walker once the project has reached the end of wurzburger strabe.

The construction workers are hard at work, but it will still take until the end of the year. This is confirmed by gerhard merkel, head of the construction department. When the construction site has reached the senior citizens' homes, it will be difficult there for the time being. But it should always be dug and built in such a way that handicapped people can also use the temporary paths.

Small circulation areas
"The new pavement is reasonable", judge wolfgang jorg, herzogenaurach's commissioner for the disabled. Even though he has justified objections that the new construction area has become a cycling race track, he thinks the "test" is worth it from the everyone race the weekend before last for suitable. Because the narrow racing tires are quite similar to the wheels on walkers and wheelchairs in terms of contact area and sensitivity to minimal high differences and obstacles.

Regardless of whether it's a wheelchair or a racing bike, in the eastern part of the old town, road users are much more uncomfortable, if it's even possible for severely impaired people to use it at all. In order to counteract this shortage, the seniors' advisory council and the disabled group of the BRK made an inspection before the start of the third construction phase. "People get numb shoulders when they push the rollator through the main street", hans munck of the seniors' advisory council sums it up vividly.

"From the traffic circle to the old town hall it's very uneven, the second section to the western tower is a bit smoother", jorg describes the first two construction phases of the traffic-calmed zone. It was 20 years ago when the first section was realigned. With many demands. "Back then, no one thought about wheelchairs; today, things are seen a little differently", female jorg also from the deliberations of the city council.

Together with the building authority, jorg is looking for solutions for the two old, uneven areas. "To rub out is not possible, because then demand funds had to be paid back", he says, and raises the possibility of smoothing 1.20- to 1.50-meter-wide strips. "Sanding down the edges is technically impossible", the head of the building authority puts the brakes on. There is no more detailed planning yet, but the topic remains topical, even if the city council has not included it in this budget.


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