No two gardens are the same

No two gardens are the same

Brigitte krause "i have food all year round." Dora humpfner cultivates and cares for her farm garden in hainert. It is designed in a good manner and inspires her neighbor sabine pecoraroschneider again and again. Or the garden of the artist gerd kanz. The owner of the old brewery in untermerzbach not only paints and creates sculptures, he is also an enthusiastic garden market visitor and enjoys his collection of daylilies year after year, for example. A step outside the box, the lutz family’s garden is home to 60 species of snowbells and many hellebores. The owners of many gardens in the district of habberge and also in neighboring towns met in zeil for a first "network meeting" for the garden paradise habberge, which was initiated by the district advisory service for horticulture and land conservation in the district.

District advisor guntram ulsamer found energetic help in sabine pecoraroschneider and her husband reinhard, who settled in the knetzgau district of hainert only a few years ago. Your rough talent: social networks and internet presence. You yourself have your own internet blog and offered to start the blog "gartenparadiese habberge" with garden owners from the county to build up and take care of.

Ulsamer described the background to all this at the meeting in the brewery restaurant goller: the district advisory service is the point of contact for the fruit and gardening associations in the district, but would also like to address and involve garden owners who are not involved in an association.

Ulsamer’s main concern is the dwindling garden culture, even in the flat countryside. Where only 20 years ago farm gardens were a source of color and beauty and also provided a home for an intact insect world, there is an increasing trend toward monotonous rock gardens, especially in newly built areas. Which is of little use to nature. But actually also the soul of the garden owner, as became clear from the conversations in the roundtable.

"Nature in the garden has been the motto of district-wide competitions for the past two years, and a total of 45 garden owners have entered so far. A part of it agrees to participate in the blog with name and address contact. Simply to give other interested gardeners access to their own garden (after consultation of course), but also to have a look around at other people’s gardens. The evening also made it clear that the garden is not just about order and cleanliness, but also about nature and weeds – or rather wild weeds.

A large part of the evening was devoted to the explanations of the couple pecoraro-schneider, who visited many garden owners in person and explained the technical background for the internet presence and the necessity of linking with social media. Otherwise, the blog would simply disappear into the nirvana of the internet. Facebook and co. Bring the visitors on the sides, and here there are many interested garden friends also from outside.

Consultant guntram ulsamer presented the range of services offered by the district advisory service and met with a great deal of interest. Some brochures were gladly taken.

Creative and multifaceted

In the end, an exciting round of introductions made it clear that the gardeners in the habberge district are a highly heterogeneous, creative, multifaceted and interesting group. Open to talk about her favorite subject: the garden.


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