Choral music in friesland

Choral music in Friesland

"Open wide the gates – what could be more festive at christmas time than the solemn playing of brass instruments with their incomparably majestic sound?? Music for the third advent was on the atmospheric program of the advent concert on sunday evening, which began with just this joyful and hopeful composition – performed by the wind band st. Georg friesen – an impressive start to the season.

For an hour in the friesen parish church, bathed in a soft light from many candles, the performers – the brass band, the catholic church choir and the mannergesangverein "cacilia" – prepared a festive christmas carol frieze – your audience a rough musical joy for the pre christmas season.

Bright female voices, profound male voices: with selected compositions, the two choruses provided impressive listening experiences. The church choir sang such joyful messages of the living lord as "he is coming, he is coming" in an empathetic and very fresh way as well as "hosanna, david’s son" from the pen of johann georg herzog to. At
conducted by deanery cantor marius popp, the beautiful voices harmonized splendidly and blended into a harmonious whole. The finely tuned singing sounded as if from one cast.

In the further course of the concert, the singers still love the musical pearls
"our dear ladies", "how lovely they are" and the driving "jubilate" sound. The "cacilia" choir, led by theo wich, is also an important cultural institution. The powerful male voices offered at the concert "hoch tut euch auf" (open high), "silent light and praise song" as well as "O freude uber freude" (joy over joy) dar. From the first to the last beat, they created a contemplative and calm, almost meditative atmosphere. Choral music can be so beautiful and so inspiring!

Right to the heart

Lean back, enjoy and dream with music that goes straight to the heart: the imposing musical creed "open wide the gates", "passacaglia" and "dew heaven to the righteous" were fascinatingly brought out by the wind players through noble sound quality, precision and differentiated interpretation. What a variety of sounds such a "simple" pastoral can have blowers group, when they are on rather "unspectacular", but the word of god was proclaimed all the more urgently and movingly!

Pure goose bumps

The highlight was the beautiful instrumental version of the world hit "the rose – "the rose": heartrending, unparalleled, pure goose bumps! Truly dreamlike were also the words uttered by
marius popp virtuosic on the "queen of instruments" pastorals by the italian baroque composers domenico zipoli and arcangelo corelli. This also applies to the "ach bleib bei uns" ("oh stay with us"), sung by the brass and the choir in a balanced, emotional and harmonious way
with the unmatched melodic beauty of a johann sebastian bach. The gracefully melodious tones floated from the altar room through the church nave – and the audience listened spellbound – with closed eyes, absorbed, gripped and released. The people rested from
the hustle and bustle of everyday life and spurten himself – with absolute silence.

A resounding conclusion

The crowning finale of the heartfelt concert was the song "macht hoch die tur", sung by all participants, the congregation and the organ.

With long applause the guests thanked for the one-hour musical experience, which still held them in a special spell as they left the church. At the same time, it showed once again how lucky we are to be able to enjoy such deeply moving musical confessions of faith throughout the church year. This was also the view of pastor sven raube, who thanked all the contributors. Between the pieces, the latter had contributed contemplative thoughts on advent – advent, for him a special time of invitation, meeting,
hope, longing, conversion, reward, anticipation and preparation. He also told the contemplative story of the "4 candles on the advent wreath" as a personal attack on certain people before – peace, faith, love and hope.


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