Obama makes military strike dependent on congressional vote

Obama makes military strike dependent on congressional vote

He affirmed on saturday that the regime of bashar al-assad had been "rehabilitated" after the "worst poison gas attack of the 21st century". Century" was not allowed to get away scot-free. But the U.S. Will be a stronger country if the decision to launch a military strike is trimmed by the people’s elected representatives, the president said in a speech in the rose garden of the white house in washington.

Obama expressly accused the assad regime of carrying out a terrorist attack on 21 september. August to have used poison gas in opposition-controlled suburbs of damascus. Well over a thousand people are reported to have died.

As a consequence, he said, he has decided on a military strike: "I have decided that the U.S. Should take action." But he had also heard calls for congress to get involved and therefore wanted to wait with a military strike until deputies and senators had returned from the summer recess and given the green light. "We should have this discussion", the president said. This is the right way in a democracy.

This means that, according to the previous schedule, a decision could not be reached until 9 september at the earliest. September fall. Then the summer break of the congress comes to an end. As it hit washington on saturday, although the 100-strong senate could be recalled to the u.S. Capital early. But in the case of the house of representatives with its 435 members, such a step has already been ruled out.

Whether obama will get the green light from congress to go armed is uncertain. Experts said that while he could count on the approval of the democratically controlled senate. In the house of representatives, which is dominated by the republicans, however, this is far more uncertain. In recent days, representatives of both parties had opposed a military operation without congressional approval, but had also signaled support.

Only on thursday, british prime minister david cameron lost a vote in the british house of commons on participation in a possible U.S. Military operation. Thus obama is forced to do without his most important ally. So far, only france has indicated that it will participate in an attack.

Obama stressed that the U.S. Military is ready to "strike at any time we choose". He was ready to give the order. On the other hand, he was told that this was not a "time-critical" situation operation act. Therefore the USA could afford to wait with an action.

Earlier on saturday, several hundred people demonstrated in front of the weiben house in washington against military action in syria. With loud choruses and yellow signs and posters, they demanded that the U.S. Government refrain from attacking the arab country.

The slogans included "no war in syria", "act away from syria" or "iraq, libya, syria – endless war for an empire". The weibe house is the official residence of president barack obama.


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