Many coburgers wanted to experience the green anton hofreiter

many coburgers wanted to experience the green anton hofreiter

Toni hofreiter’s speech on wednesday evening at the "munchner hofbrau" was largely state-supporting. The chairman of the bundnis 90/die grunen parliamentary group spoke on the day of german unity on the subject of "showing attitude and strengthening cohesion. The coburg gruns had rented the large hall of the guesthouse, well aware that hofreiter would address a larger interested audience. "Rough room", the designation quickly proved to be relative: ten minutes before the official start, the room was packed, and people were still rushing in. Without further ado, they dragged chairs over to force the seats into every little gap. Eventually the windowsill was occupied and also standing room behind the bar.

It was not one of the usual election rallies with more or less fierce attacks on one’s political rivals. Even the usual direct candidate presentations with navel-gazing and an exclusive claim to the truth of one’s own positions did not occur. Ina sinterhauf, first-place candidate for the coburg grunen in the bavarian state elections on 14. October, took over the role of moderator in the final round of questions from the audience.

Anton hofreiter, who holds a doctorate in biology, has unreservedly declared his support for a strong eu. "Much of the european community is not perfect, but what is the alternative to the eu??", he asked. According to him, the global challenges cannot be solved by individual states. It is irresponsible to call for the end of multilateralism, i.E. A global economy with multiple links and open markets," hofreiter criticized the bavarian prime minister, without mentioning him by name.

Anchor centers cynical designation

The choice of words by the political class must once again become more objective and more thoughtful, hofreiter demanded. "Bad deeds are often preceded by bad words." That does not mean arguing pointedly and clearly about the right solution, because democracy thrives on political discourse. What is not acceptable, however, is "migration as the mother of all problems" to designate it rejected the representation of federal minister of the interior seehofer. "We coped well with the wave of refugees three years ago and can be proud of it." It is not right to lock people up in collective camps, cynically referred to as anchor centers, instead of letting them work". If there is talk of fighting the causes of flight, this does not work with arms deliveries "because the highest level fights the possibilities of flight". Agricultural exports from the first world to africa also had to be restricted "so that the farmers there have a livelihood and income basis".

Hofreiter called it shameful that right-wing extremist theses were once again being heard in the reichstag building today. "Democracy must be defended every day, so go to the polls and vote for democratic parties." It would be natural, if the green party would get as much support as possible.

Toni hofreiter demands compliance from the industry. It’s not right for the auto industry to cheat its way out of the diesel crisis. The fraud in the emission values must be repaired by the polluters. Similarly, international corporations "had to pay appropriate taxes where the profits are made".

Pressing challenges

In the end, hofreiter came up with the green party’s urthema with ecology. Climate catastrophe escalates, although technology exists to create a turnaround. "Especially on this subject, the cohesion of society is indispensable, also in view of future generations", hofreiter emphasized. Sustainable energy production, zero-emission driving and nature conservation are the pressing challenges, he said.


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