Kissinger eissport gmbh under preliminary insolvency administration

The bad kissingen ice rink has not developed to its advantage in recent years. Even before the sale in summer 2017, the property was considered a problem child for the city because of the regular deficit from operations. And after the sale has not become permanently better. Recently, the dispute of the owners with the ice hockey club of the kissinger wolfe made headlines. Now there are financial problems. The district court of schweinfurt placed eissport bad kissingen gmbh under preliminary insolvency administration on tuesday. The clean reason for this step came from the municipal utility bad kissingen gmbh. According to the schweinfurt district court, the city's subsidiary has filed for insolvency. The aim was "to secure the receivables" his company's head of public utilities, manfred zimmer, said in response to an inquiry. The stadtwerke gmbh "could not put this off".

Receivables in the five-digit range

Zimmer did not provide any details of the claims. But it can be assumed that over a long period of time payments must have been missed. The energy supplier certainly doesn't go straight to the insolvency court because of a non-transferred monthly payment. According to the rumor, the demand of the municipal utility is in the mid-figure range. According to unconfirmed information, the company is also said to have been concerned about the photovoltaic system it maintains on the roof of the ice rink.

The district court of schweinfurt has appointed wurzburg lawyer matthias reinel as the preliminary insolvency administrator. The company's decisions are only effective with its consent. Reinel is not yet in a position to say anything reliable about the reasons for the financial imbalance and how to proceed. It is much too early for that. He is still in the process of getting an overview and has not even had the opportunity to talk to all the parties involved. Reinel confirmed that there are other credible parties besides the municipal utilities. But in detail he could not estimate the demands yet. But one thing is already clear to the preliminary insolvency administrator: "there is a lot of dynamism in the proceedings." The ice rink in bad kissingen is indeed associated with many, sometimes conflicting interests.

Worries at the kissinger wolfen

For understandable reasons, the interest is particularly great at the kissinger wolfe ice hockey club. "For the club it is crucial that it continues, no matter how", says chairman michael rosin. The playground is "essentially important" for wolfe. The same applies to the ski club and to schools that use the hall in winter for ice-skating activities, but also to ordinary ice-skating enthusiasts. "If the hall should no longer open", rosin confirms that this also poses an economic threat to the wolves. Without game operations, the club would have no income. And that brings him in parts already in danger. The association was also surprised by the preliminary insolvency proceedings, said rosin. He was not able to estimate the reasons for the economic difficulties of eissport bad kissingen gmbh. At any rate, the wolfen are not to blame. It was necessary for the association to have clarified the contract with the owner of the hall. The eissport gmbh had demanded 40 to 50 percent more rent, rosin said. A contract "that would destroy the club economically", but he could not sign. 


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