More apprenticeships than young people

The overall positive development on the labor market in the main-rhon region continued until the end of the first half of the year. The unemployment rate remained constant in june at 2.9 percent. 7131 people were registered as unemployed this month. This was two more people than in the previous month. Compared with the previous year, however, the level of unemployment is higher. At that time, there were 694 fewer unemployed people and the unemployment rate was 2.6 percent.

"In some companies, there are traces of initial uncertainty caused by international developments and also by the structural change in the automotive industry. Unemployment did not fall as usual in june, but remained unchanged compared to the previous month. However, the schweinfurt labor market remains robust, and demand for new employees has picked up again noticeably this month", notes thomas stelzer, head of the schweinfurt employment agency.

The proportion of unemployed people with a refugee background increased slightly. In june, 645 unemployed people with a refugee background were paid in the main-rhon region. By far the largest proportion were people from syria (388 people), followed by afghan nationals (94 people), people from iran (12 people) and iraq (8 people). A good 68 percent of the people in this group were aiming for a job in the help sector."As a rule, refugees have not been able to prepare for migration and therefore often do not have the appropriate language skills. Even the professional knowledge acquired in the home country must be classified and expanded with regard to the german system. It will therefore only be possible to integrate this group of people into the labor market step by step", stelzer explains.

5000 mark broken

The number of vacancies in the agency district broke through the 5000 mark again in the reporting month. With 5058 job offers, an increase of 60 job offers (1.2 percent) compared to the previous month, the stock remained at a very high level. In principle, the stable economic situation and the high age of the workforces in the companies are contributing to the high demand for labor.

In june, the placement specialists at the joint employer service of the employment agency and the job centers received 878 new job offers. Average number of vacancies was 238 days. Compared with the previous year, the number of days worked increased by 36. 40 percent of these jobs were for six months or longer


The countdown is on, only two months to go until the start of training. Around three quarters of the young applicants have already been provided for. Since the beginning of the vocational guidance year in october 2018, 2781 applicants for vocational training positions have registered in the district of the employment agency. This was 5.5 percent (161 young people) fewer than in the same period last year.

In the same period, 4072 vocational training positions were reported. This corresponds to a decrease of 0.6 percent (24 jobs). At the end of june, 700 applicants were still unplaced and 1534 training positions were unfilled. Currently, there are 2.2 vacant apprenticeship positions for every applicant still looking for a job.

The tendency for the training market to develop in favor of applicants already began six years ago. At that time, for the first time, there were more training place offers than applicants in the agency district. In the meantime, training companies have to highlight their attractiveness as employers in order to attract young people


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