“Smartphone war”: microsoft has google maps in its sights

The windows giant has this time targeted the much-used map service google maps. Microsoft accuses the companies of infringing a patent from 1996 with google maps. The court will announce its decision in early may. "We have here a case of competing companies with competing products," said the presiding judge, referring to microsoft’s own map service bing maps, which could benefit from a ban.

According to industry experts, even a defeat for google would not necessarily mean that google cards would have to disappear from everyone’s advice, because the patent is part of license agreements between many manufacturers and microsoft.

The lawyers of google and motorola argued with the rough meaning of google maps. The service is used not only by millions of private individuals, but also by authorities. A shutdown could have bad consequences. In addition, there was an image damage, which could not be replaced with money.

Microsoft’s representatives raised the possibility of licensing fees for the use of google and motorola’s patent. This would be "a way to end this war," said a microsoft lawyer. A license could be a compromise to continue to offer google maps normally.

The trial is just one of many processes being conducted globally in the so-called patent war in the mobile communications industry. In germany, besides munich, mannheim and dusseldorf have already been the scene of international patent proceedings in the past two years. German courts are considered patent-holder friendly and work faster than the U.S. Judiciary.

This is how apple and samsung fought in dusseldorf over whether the south koreans’ galaxy tablets copied the ipad design. As a result, the sale of the samsung machine was blocked for months. Motorola succeeded in stopping online sales of certain iphone and ipad models in germany for a short period of time, and in putting a stop to apples email services. Microsoft moved its european logistics center from germany to the netherlands due to a motorola lawsuit concerning video software.


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