Few chances for a unified community

The topic was rejected with 8:1 votes. There should not be another meeting or a citizens' survey. Mayor konrad weingart (CSU and electoral community) had carefully collected many arguments for a unified municipality and also some against it. The municipal councils received a corresponding working paper. He put the emphasis on a merger of the municipalities of euerdorf, ramsthal and sulzthal. The municipality of aura remained at first in front of.

As an argument for the coarse community, weingart mentioned the already existing water supply, the community clearing plant or also the association school. The presence of various supply and disposal lines, such as broadband, ducts to the clearing plant or water pipes, also speaks in favor of a unified municipality. The water supply and the broadband connection of the ramsthal resettlers will be provided by the municipality of sulzthal. The tiresome issue of billing the clearing system on the basis of population equivalents was also eliminated by billing in a single municipality.

Since the financial strength of the municipalities is quite different, there are reductions in subsidies, since the market town of euerdorf receives less support because of its financial strength. Currently this is noticeable at the school. Weingart noted that at the time of the last territorial reform in 1972 euerdorf was the center of the region. The shopping facilities, the doctors and the pharmacy made of euerdorf a far-reaching center of attraction. After forty years the situation looks different. Although there are still some businesses and doctors' offices that keep bringing people to euerdorf, the future of medical care is not foreseeable.

Already in 2006, the then head of administration dieter brand had suggested talking about a unified municipality. The parish councils of euerdorf and sulzthal had made a positive decision, while ramsthal and aura had not addressed the issue, weingart emphasized. Also the last signals of the ramsthal mayor referred only to a subsequent new mayor and municipal council.

"Why should we strive for a merger without necessity" asked the second mayor franz diez (freie wahlergemeinschaft sulzthal). It might be necessary if no mayor or council can be elected for lack of candidates.

"The topic of a unified municipality was initiated by me" said reinhold moritz (SPD). He mentioned the successful development of the former three counties into the county of bad kissingen, which is currently celebrated as a model of success, and said that the current problems of the communities could be better solved in a unified municipality. It makes more sense to join forces on a voluntary basis than to be forced to do so in the future. At the moment, the municipalities can still act on their own, but in 20 years it might be different.

Michael schmitt (sulzthal free electoral association) stated: "we don't need it financially at the moment". In his opinion, the current municipal council should no longer deal with this topic, as there will be significant changes in personnel after the next municipal elections.

Ralf ruppert (freie wahlergemeinschaft sulzthal) said that municipalities would be worse off financially, as smaller municipalities would receive higher investment grants. Sulzthal is better off with its intact clubs and its infrastructure than euerdorf, the financially strongest municipality in the district.

Weingart had also put forward a small variant of a merger of sulzthal and euerdorf. This would certainly be easier to implement politically, but it would mean that ramsthal and aura would then have 5 seats in the community assembly of the administrative community, one more than the then new community of euerdorf. He could not come to terms with this solution.

As possible reasons against a merger, he cited the fact that the community had now been completely redeveloped in the old town area, that there were sufficient building sites, and that on balance the community was debt-free. Sulzthal has high assets through forest and land and has a very well-functioning club life. The outstanding initiatives for personal contributions in the community were also significant, he said. "It hurts when we give up our independence" said weingart. 


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