Of the grobwenkheim goliath and the wermerichshauser wurfel

Of the grobwenkheim goliath and the wermerichshauser wurfel

For example, elisabeth lenhardt had the "wermerichshauser wurfel" in the pack – a block from the famous green sandstone of the stonemason village, whose four sides are worked in different stonemason techniques, it says in a press release.

And anton then referred to oswald balling from grobwenkheim, who achieved fame in the 1890s with a body size of 2.18 meters as a rough soldier in the bavarian army. Many curious or striking stories were told, from the disappearance of the sacrificial stick from fridritt to the golfing nuns at the rindhof in maria bildhausen. Stories like these attract attention and lead to further questions, which ultimately help to understand the broader context.

Lively exchange

The representatives from wermerichshausen, fridritt, kleinwenkheim, grobwenkheim and maria bildhausen had a lively exchange that evening. The future culture trail will run through these parts of the city. And this already raises crucial questions that need to be clarified in the further planning process. For gerrit himmelsbach, who accompanies and moderates the design of the path on the part of the archaeological spessart project, explained that this would result in an estimated distance of 16 kilometers. This would be feasible for a hiking trail, but already very ambitious.

One variant was to divide the route into two loops of about ten kilometers each, which could be walked separately.

Site visits

But for the time being, the focus will continue to be on the content-related questions. For this reason, the next steps will be site visits: on the 20. March grobwenkheim, kleinwenkheim and wermerichshausen are the destination (meeting point: grobwenkheim church) and on the 3. April fridritt and the maria bildhausen monastery as well as the rindhof (meeting point: center of fridritt). It starts at 1 p.M. And lasts until 7 p.M. At the most. The locals are asked to present their village to the representatives of the other districts. As always, all interested parties are invited to attend, especially those who wish to participate in the culture trail on a permanent basis.


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