The people of ahor want a new doctor

The people of ahor want a new doctor

Ahorn – the community had pulled out all the stops to find a successor for its general practitioner. It has advertised in regional and supra-regional medical journals, with optimal conditions and benefits. Now, after just four months, mayor martin finzel (no party affiliation) is once again faced with the problem of family doctor care.
Masses of complaints land on his desk, the staff in the town hall can hardly keep up with recording everything. Finzel is under pressure, has to react and no longer sees his own supply of family doctors guaranteed. The community had high hopes for the new family doctor wolfgang pils, who, in addition to his practice in schleusingen, will also be providing medical services in the town of ahorne from 1. July also the ahorn general practice of dr. Dyllus (retired) took over. The municipality had paved all the way for michael stoschek to buy the property, renovate it and hand it over at a favorable rental price. Finzel explains that the new general practitioner wanted to hire more assistant doctors and colleagues. The doctor wanted to be able to guarantee consultation hours, home visits and care for the two old people's homes. Today is written on the practice: maple – 12 hours a week: monday 8 to 12 o'clock; wednesday 8 to 12 o'clock old people's homes; thursday 8 to 12 o'clock. – schleusingen – 12 hours per week: monday 16 to 18 h; tuesday 8 to 12 h old people's homes; thursday 16 to 18 h, friday 8 to 12 h.
"That's not nearly enough in a community with 4500 inhabitants", says the mayor. Finzel does not want to comment on the practice of wolfgang pils. However, it is clear to him that the expectations associated with the doctor were not fulfilled. "First was the joy rough", writes a citizen in a letter to the city hall "then came mablose entauschung." Dagmar weber from the seniors' advisory council also says that things can't go on like this. Weber explains: "during our office hours on mondays and in the cafe on tuesdays in the burgerhaus, the complaints about the care provided by the family doctor to the seniors' advisory council piled up." At the beginning, according to weber, the ausmab was not considered to be so dramatic and consequently nothing was documented.
"What should I do if I get sick on a tuesday when there are no office hours??" Dagmar weber, who understands that many people migrate to doctors in the surrounding area, asks this question. "People's excitement is great and so is their fear", dagmar weber does not feel alone in her concern about the supply of family doctors. In the process, the burghers say, the red carpet was rolled out for the physician.

A folder full of complaints
The mayor has forwarded the complaints, which now fill a folder in the town hall, to the association of panel doctors (KVB). He says: "we take this very seriously and hope for a speedy solution." According to reports, there is also a complaint about "failure to provide help" give the thuringer KV to be tested.
One solution, finzel explains, is already practically obvious. Hans-jurgen reimann – an internal medicine general practitioner from munich who was employed at the pils practice and whom the people of ahorn have come to appreciate – wants to settle in ahorn. The munich doctor has sent a job application to the bavarian association of statutory health insurance physicians. Martin finzel is optimistic here: "with 2.5 vacant GP practices in the city and county of coburg, i am hoping for a positive decision." Comes this, could to the 1. January reimann opens his practice in maple.
The conditions could have looked like this: in the "linde" burgher house is space for treatment room, laboratory, waiting area. In addition, there is barrier-free access and sanitary facilities, which are also handicapped accessible. This slogan and hans-jurgen reimann's appointment as the new general practitioner in ahorn are also supported by senior citizens in a petition campaign. Dagmar weber tells: "in only three days we have collected more than 200 signatures." With the action the ahorner turn to the KVB and ask for it, dr. Reimann to be admitted as family doctor in the parish.
Wolfgang pils, meanwhile, sees himself exposed to a campaign in which, in his opinion, there is "no way" that he can be about the need for primary care physicians. "I feel cheated", he says and does not only want to claim for damages. He also intends to involve the KV, the medical associations and the public prosecutor's office. The schleusinger doctor has hired a lawyer.


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