Corona warning app expected in mid june

corona warning app expected in mid june

This is a realistic timeframe, according to government sources in berlin. As early as next week, the companies involved in the development, T-systems and SAP, plan to make initial information about the architecture and structure of the program code available for "open source" review by the general public.

In the first version, the app will focus very strongly on the core function of breaking infection chains, it continued. Only in a later second stage will it be possible to voluntarily donate data to a research server in order to gain even more knowledge. In addition, the possibilities for a europe-wide interaction of the app with the applications of other countries were considered during the development process.

The citizens’ acceptance of the app published by the robert koch institute depends to a large extent on the fact that government-independent network experts were able to look into these codes very early on, so that a high number of installations would result in the end, the decision was justified in the circles to publish information about the program code as early as possible. Rough acceptance of the app, which is based on voluntariness, can only be expected if data protection and information security are ensured.

At the same time, it was emphasized that the app would be neither a panacea nor a free ride in the corona crisis. The rules of distance and hygiene were much more important, as was the wearing of masks to protect the mouth and nose in everyday life.


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