About life in the rhon

Bad kissingen what makes the rhon so remarkable? These are the nature, the people and their centuries-old culture and their necessities. Part of the series of events "francophone home evening", the first "rhoner heimatabend" was held in the rossini hall with amateur artists from the area between feuerberg, kreuzberg and heidelstein instead of.

Under the moderation of heribert voll and gabi kanz, the "premicher blechblaser" performed, the "hoibuche muisig from gefall with justin huppmann as well as daniela pototschnik from fladungen with typical music, folk songs and french dialect interesting insights into rhon culture and customs.

Traditional folk punch, like "stamper", "star polka" or "schlamperer, were on the program with the traditional dance group weisbach (markt oberelsbach). Heribert voll is a "full-blooded homer" and musician, who comes from gefall (markt burkardroth). This is what was said during his walk over the barren country life in the rhon, as it was still present in the 60s of the last century.

He told of the customs, of the yearly routine in the rhondorfer and peppered it with anecdotes from the time when he was still a boy. What does he treasure in his native land? "The tradition, the home. The rhon does not exist a second time. The rhoner is his own person. You have to know how to tackle him, then you can tell he’s a lovely person at heart", he explains. It is important to him that the old songs and customs are passed on to his grandchildren so that they are not lost. He is the chief of the "hoibuche muisig", in which his wife luise also plays and sings. She explains the rich cultural life of the countryside as follows: "in the past, in the poor villages of the rhon, the spinning room was the only diversion for the villagers during the winter months. There was singing, broom making, mending the potato sacks, but also learning to dance. Rough fathers told stories that made the children’s hair stand on end. This is how the need was passed on."

Songs of love and sorrow

It had also been poussiert. Every young man wanted to bring home the girl of his dreams so that the rival would not have a chance to steal her away from him. "The old songs of rhon are always about love and sorrow. Because it should always come together two rich. The poor man was then sad because he did not get to play." Kirchweih and fasching had been the only events where dancing took place. Grandson justin is twelve years old and an enthusiastic musician on the styrian harmonica, who enjoys playing folk music on it. "I like the music and it’s fun to play with my parents", he says.

Dance fleet

Atmospheric music, contemplative singing, exciting stories and lively dancing made for an entertaining evening, during which one could look deep into the soul of the rhonians with a wink of the eye. An exciting evening that delighted visitors from near and far.

One guest remarked: "you rhonians have a rough tone, though. You have to be used to it. Nevertheless you are lovable at heart."


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