“Assi-tv”: is our youth remote-controlled??

When aileen, lena, katharina and david come home from school, the first thing they do is reach for the remote control. TV on – head off. Just come down, relax, let yourself be sprinkled – not having to think about anything anymore. The same programs always flicker across their screens: "berlin tag und nacht" ("berlin day and night"), "families in focus, "the school investigators" and many others have long been part of your everyday life. Up to four hours a day they look into the tubes. "I just need it", says aileen. "I couldn't do without it, it would be a horror", thinks lena.

We are talking about "assi-TV, that is, the morning and afternoon programs of private broadcasters, which are also often "scripted reality" is called. Despite the script, dialogues are mostly improvised, actions and life situations are staged. Lower social classes in particular are often portrayed in a derogatory way, the reality is falsified. Aileen, lena, katharina and david from class 9. The first class of the middle school in kitzingen-iphofen as well as other schools from the district dealt with the theory and showed their own presentations about the negative consequences of "assi-tv" at the youth district meeting yesterday showed.

Aileen and co. Referred to a new zealand study, according to which frequent consumption of television can have a strong impact on the educational level of children and adolescents – more so for children with an average level of intelligence than for highly gifted children. Grades also deteriorate when elementary school children already have their own television sets. "It is important to be able to distinguish whether the program you are watching is reality or fiction", say the schoolchildren.

Too much television consumption is harmful to the image
Too much "assi-TV can have massive consequences, that's what the schools warned about at the armin knab high school in kitzingen: poor academic performance, attention deficits, concentration problems, progressive loss of linguistic competence and impairment of cognitive skills may occur earlier in some, later in others. "You can accuse the broadcasters of being harmful to the image if they consume too much television", the students at leoweismantel-realschule marktbreit also think so.

But why is the "assi-TV" then watched at all, if it can be so dangerous for the development of personality? Why is it so popular among young people?? Is it out of boredom, sensationalism, curiosity or even schadenfreude?? The dr's school. Karlheinz spielmann middle school in iphofen can also imagine peer pressure as a motif. Get out of the "stupid trap according to them, you can get by with hobbies – and a regular TV viewing schedule.

Johannes wagenblast from the fachstelle fur pravention offered each school the opportunity to give a presentation on media literacy. For him, the responsibility lies primarily with the parents: "it doesn't make sense to use the television as a cheap babysitter." According to a study, 20 percent of two-year-olds already have their own television set. "There is no willingness on the part of these parents to care about their child's television consumption", he regrets.

Aileen, lena, katharina and david also all have their own tv in their room."It distracts from problems in the family or in the relationship", david thinks.

But real life is still a thousand times more important to them: "friends have priority." Then the tv stays off, has the "asi-TV" reporting break, pays only for the here and now.

Proposals against consumption
The schools from the county presented a total of three motions to the county council to fight against too rough consumption of "assi tv" to go ahead.

Suppose five schools requested that the district of kitzingen support the schools in setting up media literacy programs for schools, parents and teachers should support. The motion was accepted with a large majority.

Rejected the girls' secondary school in volkach recommended that the district should financially support both clubs to provide more recreational opportunities for children and youth, and communities to increase the diversity of offerings. Both requests were rejected.


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