The brose baskets celebrate their cinema premiere on friday

the brose baskets celebrate their cinema premiere on friday

Three days before the premiere, marc litz worked on his latest film once again. He still didn't really like the ending. So he re-cut the last three minutes of the film again. "It lasted from six o'clock in the evening until half past three this morning. Now I need a coffee", the 26-year-old said on tuesday morning at the cinestar in bamberg. There experienced "welcome to freak city its world premiere on friday evening.

Of course, the main actors will be present at the premiere in front of invited guests: coach chris fleming, team captain casey jacobsen, frank lauterwein from the fan club "faszination basketball" – after all, it's also a bit "their" film. For one year, litz accompanied the brose baskets bundesliga basketball players every step of the way with his camera.

Pictures that have never been seen before
He recorded over 330 hours of film material and then shortened it to a cinematic 90 minutes.
"There will be pictures to see as you have never seen them on television before", promises litz. Because he was allowed to get as close to the pros of the brose baskets as anyone else. On the bus ride to the second final game in ulm in june, he saw highly concentrated men on their mission. After the victory, he experienced a "highly emotional speech" of coach fleming up close in the team dressing room with.

But the fans are also an important part of the documentary film. "Basketball is celebrated nowhere else in germany like in bamberg. The bond between fans and team is unique here", says litz. He only really became aware of this after the home defeat against bonn in the first play-off game, the first defeat on home soil in almost two years: "I was impressed by the bewilderment in the fans' faces."

The film about the basketball players from "freak city, to which the bamberger hip-hop band souljam composed the title song, is the second documentary film by litz. Two years ago, the 26-year-old starred in "herzblut – der FCK-film" in his palatinate home, the significance of the 1. FC kaiserslautern for fans in the region.

"Welcome to freak city is from saturday, 1. December, daily at 18.3 p.M. To be seen at cinestar in bamberg. Then the film goes on tour through several german cities. It will also be shown at a number of festivals, including next year's prestigious hofer film festival.


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