Melkendorf through road to be rehabilitated

Melkendorf through road to be rehabilitated

If you have to drive through melkendorf on your way to work, you need patience – at least if you're on the road during rush hour. The long-awaited rehabilitation of the local thoroughfare began yesterday (monday). Now different sections, each 100 meters long, are gradually being closed off on one side in order to implement the improvements.

The work began with the milling of one side of the roadway to renew the gutter plates and slide gate caps. To ensure that traffic can still be directed in the best possible way, a traffic-controlled traffic light system was installed that adapts to the volume of traffic.

Morning traffic jam
Herbert Loffler of the road construction company in kasendorf says that traffic delays still occur: "there's quite a bit of congestion in the mornings until about half past eight. This naturally leads to people getting upset." But he also points out that the potholes that are now being repaired were the cause of motorists' displeasure in the run-up to the project.

Christian gack from the civil engineering department of the city of kulmbach explains the construction process: "first the side edges will be repaired, then the road will be given new asphalt." A four-centimeter-thick surface layer is removed for this purpose. This will be reapplied afterwards.

A renovation of this kind takes time, says andrea mandl, press spokeswoman for the city of kulmbach: "if nothing major comes up, the renovation will be finished by the end of october." However, there is no exact timetable as to when asphalting can begin, says mandl, as the weather is always a difficult factor to calculate for a construction site.

Until the end of october, around 700 meters of the road through melkendorf will be repaired in sections. The costs for the renovation will amount to around 150 million euros.000 euros.


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