Wonfurt citizens’ initiative elected board of directors

Wonfurt citizens' initiative elected board of directors

For this, simone wagenhauser, waltraud straub, manuela rapmund, helma vollert, thomas reinhard and peter werner received the full trust of the members in the parish center of wonfurt.

At the beginning, spokesman peter werner spoke about the mediation process that has now been agreed upon by the citizens' initiative, the habberge district office and the loacker company. All those involved are given the opportunity to sit down at a round table.

Werner affirmed that the burgerinitiative (BI) is not the cause that posters are hanging in wonfurt. The BI is fighting above all for a liveable wonfurt. It was formed in order to eliminate the environmental pollution caused by the loacker recycling plant (electrical and cable scrap processing, currently only cable scrap processing).

Rough success
Legal counsel steffen vogel spoke of a great success that the BI, on the advice of the judge at the administrative court in wurzburg, had worked to find a consensus through mediation. Vogel spoke of a "goodwill-situation in which the mediation process has to hope for the sympathy of the court and does not offer absolute certainty. They said that the burgerinitiative is still important for wonfurt.

Werner referred to a planned magazine of the citizens' initiative with the name "lebenswerter landkreis" (worth living district), in which the county presents itself from its friendly side. It is supported by ads from companies.

Contribution is increased
Another main topic in the annual meeting was the collection of the annual membership fee. At present, 535 members are registered with the burgerinitiative, who pay a symbolic contribution of one euro per year. The one euro should now be paid per month. Considerations to raise the fee to 120 or 48 or 36 euros per year were rejected.

The members hold
There was consensus among members that a drastic increase had alienated many members. It was more important, he said, to maintain the number of members than to significantly increase the membership fee. The members agreed to keep the contribution at one euro, but to charge it per month. 


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