Golden wedding in the house zipfel

golden wedding in the house zipfel

In good health, the married couple margit and hans zipfel celebrated their golden wedding anniversary. The "landlords of the inn "am trogenbach in neuenbach are widely known.

Hans zipfel was in the "braustubchen" was born in ludwigsstadt and has remained loyal to his home to this day. The now 74-year-old and his wife margit, who is four years younger, met through the frankenwaldverein ludwigsstadt. "Sparked" has it finally at a dance in falkenstein.

With his margit, he married a woman who was completely absorbed in her work in the catering trade and developed and expanded it together with her husband. In 1978, for example, foreign rooms were also added. In 1972 hans zipfel had already taken over the management of the inn, which had been in the family since 1953. The marriage was blessed with the two children stefan and silvia. In the meantime, the family is completed by two grandchildren.

The two very sociable "senior bosses" are still helping out at the tuchtig inn, of which they are proud to be a member. In the meantime, this is run by her daughter silvia and her husband. "Cooking and working have always been a lot of fun for me", says margit zipfel, who also runs the "economy" as their favorite hobby called.

On their anniversary, the couple received numerous congratulations, including from the town band and the ludwigsstadt singing club. Mayor timo ehrhardt congratulated on behalf of the city. He wished both of them many more years together in good health..


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