The one with the green thumb

Apprentices in the gartner trade in lower franconia have been released these days. Among them are two young men from the habberg mountains. "We have the most versatile profession", dominik krefft and fabio weingold are unanimous in their opinion. Since saturday they are officially gardeners in the field of horticulture and landscaping. They received their certificates together with almost 90 other graduates from lower franconia in their field of specialization as well as in landscaping, ornamental plant and fruit growing and perennial and cemetery gardening at a central graduation ceremony in waigolshausen (district of schweinfurt).

Daily commute to work
From limbach and kirchlauter, where their previous training companies are located, they will in future carry out their work at changing locations with private or public clients.

The prerequisite for the three-year training was a successful high school diploma. Krefft acquired it in high school in eltmann, weingold in ebern. Today, both know why a respectable school-leaving certificate is necessary, because a lot of learning material had to be mastered in the theoretical vocational training, as they stated.

Countless plants with their latin family and species names by genus, deciduous and coniferous woods, perennials including bulbs and tubers, all this belongs to the gardening knowledge.

The practice also covers a rough range. This ranges from the knowledge of natural stone and its use to the knowledge of plants and eventually machines. On the subject of natural stone krefft spontaneously comes to mind: "laying segmental floors, building stairs and walls". He has already done all that.

For both of them, the signals for their professional future are in green, the color of the "green sector. They have received an employment contract from their company, krefft at garten- und landschaftsbau fosel in limbach/eltmann and weingold at gala-tec weingold in kirchlauter. The young gardeners celebrated the successful completion of their three-year training program with their colleagues on saturday.

The most beautiful profession in the world
Gerhard reichelsdorfer from the office for food, agriculture and forestry in kitzingen praised the performance of the young specialists. The district chairman of the association for garden, landscape and sports ground construction, dietmar lindner, as well as gerhard rub of the regional association of bavaria at the federation of german tree nurseries conveyed the following greeting.

"You have learned the most beautiful profession in the world", said rub "make something of it". The two habberge gardeners did not need to be asked to do this, because their lives as professionals had already begun. Dominik krefft works on a construction site near geiselwind as part of his partner team. He is busy with paving and planting there.

The "rough stuff makes spab
Fabio Weingold can be found for a few more days at the kindergarten in ebelsbach, where the sandbox is to be newly bordered with natural stones. This work corresponds totally to his special preference, because "the rough stuff makes me more spab than garden care", he admits.

On the other hand, he loves variety and in this respect also agrees with his colleague from limbach, who enthuses: "I have a very nice job." He says he is one of the most versatile of all. Plenty of fresh air, lots of variety and visible success in his daily work are the pleasant aspects, while bad weather and enormous physical strain are the more strenuous ones.

But that's all part of it. "There are such days and such days", weingold notes and continues to shovel gravel. "You just have to work, says krefft in limbach, proudly swinging behind the wheel and adding to his statement: "but that's the way it is in every profession."

First of all further employed
And the merit? "I can't complain", both answer unanimously and independently of each other. The important thing for them is that they are still employed, knowing that this is not a matter of course for all people of the same age.

Company boss weingold in kirchlauter comments: "that's why we trained him, after all, so that we can get a good worker." He is pleased that his nephew and godson was honored as one of the three best at the central acquittal ceremony. For him as a trainer it was a matter of honor to take part in the celebration.

The two up-and-coming gardeners have some tips for future career aspirants. "Learning from the start", the first year of the apprenticeship goes by relatively smoothly "but the second and third years go by so fast, the exams are just around the corner," says weingold.

The exam means to successfully complete the written part with theory about botany, landscape gardening, operational relationships as well as economics and social studies. Then comes the practical part, which is hard for krefft: "setting two steps, paving two square meters, setting palisades and carrying out planting work".

Lawns are tricky
And then the turf seeding! You don't think it's that easy to do it. Weingold has similar advice for potential applicants to the green industry. You should keep in mind that "the job is physically demanding, and gardeners are often exposed to wind and weather. But it is a lot of fun, and he has not regretted his choice on a single day.


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