Opel workers fight for their plant: protest actions

Opel workers fight for their plant: protest actions

During the morning shift, the machines were at a standstill for about an hour because of an information event, confirmed spokesmen for the plant and the works council. Similar events were planned for the midday shift and for the night shift. "And this is just the beginning, we’re starting small," said a spokesman for the works council. A good 3,000 people are currently still employed in bochum.

Employee representatives do not want to accept the discontinuation of car production in bochum. The zafira family van must continue to be manufactured in bochum after 2016 and the new mokka small landing van must also come to bochum, they demand on an information sheet. Apparently, the plant management wants to outsource the mokka to spain because the employees there are willing to give up 30 percent of their wages, according to the report.

Opel employees are also upset because the plant management has canceled the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the bochum plant that was originally planned for saturday. Works council chairman rainer einenkel called the decision, which was based on safety concerns, "pathetic". Among other things, numerous generations of the opel kadett had been manufactured in the traditional bochum factory.

SPD candidate for chancellor peer steinbruck sharply criticized opel’s parent company general motors. GM has "literally plundered" the german opel plants via a joint cash register, he said on thursday evening on the ARD program "beckmann. State aid for opel rejected. "I would not give state aid to a car plant that is not economically viable in the current state of the car market."

The opel employees received support from the employer camp. The displeasure is "understandable," said dirk erlhofer, chief executive of the employers’ association in ruhr/westphalia, according to a press release. "The closure of bochum’s vehicle production not only threatens thousands of people with unemployment, but also scares off even more potential opel buyers."


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