When will be developed further?

The municipality of biebelried is considered an attractive place to live because of its proximity to wurzburg. In kaltensondheim, the new building sites went quickly, despite not exactly favorable prices per square meter. In biebelried, a new building area is already being planned. Now westheim is also to get five building sites. In ten, 20 or 30 years, perhaps even more so. A controversial discussion developed in the municipal council over the course of a good hour.

It is a long-cherished wish to create building space in westheim. These are possible on the road at lindelbacher tor. There is a vacant lot there that is already largely owned by the municipality; about 200 square meters still have to be exchanged on a one-to-one basis with a neighboring owner. Mayor roland hoh informed that there was readiness for this.

Bernd Mehler, the representative of the engineering firm arz from wurzburg, presented two variants to the municipal council. The five building plots are common to both variants, with the fifth plot being accessed via a narrow road.

In the first variant, only a branch road leads from the road at the lindelbacher tor into the area in order to make the two rear plots accessible. In the second variant, this road goes completely through, so that future building plots could be reached in the rear area.

The five building plots could be connected to the passing canal. According to mehler, this is sufficient. The water supply was not so easy.

In the first variant with the stichstrabe, a new water pipeline had to be laid in the street at the lindelbacher tor, which had the advantage that it could lead to a ring connection. In the second variant, the water pipe could be brought in from behind via a small path. In the case of a possible further building area, a pipeline would then already be in place.

For the five building sites now planned, according to the district office, section 34 of the building code could be used, according to which no designation of a building area would be necessary, because it is an internal development. Certain construction methods then had to be regulated in the purchase contract.

The second option, with a continuous access road, makes sense especially if additional building plots are to be created in the coming years. Some plots of land already belong to the municipality, but not all of them. If a further development is not planned in the next 20 years, then the first, less expensive variant with an estimated net cost of 205,000 euros is the best option. Variant two would cost a net 276,000 euros.

In principle, the council buried the chance of obtaining building sites for westheim across the factions. However, local councillor andrea czech complained that she did not have enough information to make a decision. She would have liked to have had the letter from the district administration in her documents for the meeting, as well as information on section 34 of the building code. She also referred to earlier inquiries in council meetings, the answers to which are still pending, for example, when a larm survey was commissioned.

Deputy mayor gabriele brejschka spoke in favor of the "far-sighted variant 2" especially as this would guarantee a reasonable water supply. Council member barbara mechler also saw this as an investment for the future. Her colleague, manfred kleinschrodt, also pointed to a possible commercial area in the vicinity because of the development advantages.

Frank Hohlich saw advantages for the development of the town in variant 2, because the aim was to keep young families in the town. Only gunnar kraub explicitly spoke out in favor of variant 1, but with a broader stichstrabe.


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