Schedule for controversial canal renovation is set

Schedule for controversial canal renovation is set

The construction schedule for the renewal of the sewers in prichsenstadt has been set in motion. Following a request from the wurzburg water management office (WWA), the city decided to streamline this plan. After that, until 31. December 2018 the gross damage to be eliminated. Council voted 11-2 to approve streamlined construction schedule.

According to the plan, work will start next year on schlossgasse, freihofgasse, kirchgasse and kirchplatz, and will be completed before the end of 2014. Further is also a collector at the wide lake on the plan. The total cost is estimated at 791,000 euros, plus the renovation of the road surfaces.

Councillor herwig hinney (FBG) asked whether the citizens' petition that had been launched could already stop the plan at this stage. This was denied by thomas mayer, the head of the city office. First, the 307 signatures must be verified, then the council must decide on the admissibility of the petition within four weeks of its submission.

According to mayor alfons saugel, this will take place – on request – on thursday, 19. December discussed and voted on in committee.

In anticipation of the building committee meeting on friday, city councilor wolfgang brosche (FBG) suggested not to deal with the two contract awards (statics office and preservation of evidence on private buildings), precisely because of that citizens' petition. "I make this suggestion regardless of whether i am excluded from the decision on the admissibility of the citizens' petition," he said.

Brosche is the deputy of werner reub, the spokesman for the citizens' initiative "gegen den kanalwahn" ("against the canal mania"). Brosche is thus an affected party and will be excluded from both the debate and the decision on the citizens' petition – according to the legal assessment of the district council office.

As spokesman for the citizens' initiative, reub is critical of the city council's decision. The city council is probably unaware that it is bound to make decisions once the signatures have been submitted. If costs were incurred as a result, those responsible could be held liable for "deliberate negligent waste of costs".

According to the district office, however, reub was wrong. As long as the city council has not decided on the admissibility of the citizens' petition (the four-week deadline applies here), the citizens' petition has "no suspensive effect whatsoever," explained spokeswoman Corinna Petzold.


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