115 Migrants violently storm spanish north african exclave

On wednesday morning, they succeeded in forcibly overcoming the six-meter-high double border fence, a spokesman for the government representation in ceuta told the german press agency.

Seven police officers were injured trying to fend off the migrants, he said. However, only one of them was injured so severely that he had to be treated in the hospital. The storming of the exclave was helped by the fact that moroccan security forces in the region were stretched thin due to celebrations for the muslim festival of sacrifice, security sources said.

Among other things, the refugees attacked the officers with quicklime, which causes dangerous injuries when it comes into contact with the skin. "A hug with good wishes for a speedy recovery for the seven policemen," tweeted the spanish guardia civil (civil guard). A total of 300 migrants had tried to storm the fence, but many without success, explained the spokesman for the government agency.

The people, who come from countries in africa south of the sahara, had cut parts of the fence with scissors, the newspaper "el pais" quoted an official as saying. "Some have climbed over the fence, others have climbed through it."The migrants had acted "violently and aggressively". Five of them suffered cuts.

Already on 26. July, more than 600 refugees had succeeded in reaching ceuta at the same point. Four guardia civil officers had to be treated after the migrants also used quicklime as well as flamethrowers at the time. It was the roughest onslaught in recent years.

Spain has two exclaves in north africa, both claimed by morocco: ceuta on the strait of gibraltar and melilla 250 kilometers to the east. Near the two areas, tens of thousands of africans await an opportunity to enter the eu.


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