Forchheim’s mayor franz streit celebrates his 70th birthday on monday. Birthday

Forchheim's mayor franz streit celebrates his 70th birthday on monday. Birthday

Book printer and master burgrawer franz streit, who on monday, 18. November, his 70th. The city of ludwig-main-danube-canal crossed the city, when the increasing individual traffic flowed through the main street and cars parked on the parade and town hall squares. "As a child, forchheim was very easy to understand for me", says the jubilarian, whose trademarks are his trouser straps and the bicycle he rides through the city.

"At the canal harbor, not far from the preserved schleusenwarter house, where today there is a shopping center, i used to go ice skating and sledding on the weingartsteig trail. There was the ‘seven hills’, and there was not a single house in sight, franz streit remembers a little wistfully.

Stepped in father’s footsteps

As a native of forchheim who feels most at home between the neder-brau and the kellerwald, he was there firsthand when the city expanded in all directions. The altar boy of st. Martin, who grew up right next to the church, still vividly remembers the altar boy excursion, when the altar boys of the diocese traveled to altotting on a special train under the leadership of the then city pastor johann fiedler. "That was the first time I stayed in a hotel", according to streit; an experience as impressive as the building of the churches st.Josef (buckenhofen), st. Anna and don bosco.

As the eldest of four siblings, it was a matter of course for franz streit that he would follow in his father’s footsteps professionally. He learned the trade of typesetter and letterpress printer at the french day in bamberg. He then attended the technical school in nurnberg and obtained the master craftsman’s certificate to be allowed to train. "I could have imagined being a chef as an alternative career, but that was probably because I’ve always loved to eat." But it wasn’t even enough to hobby cook.

Hot love in cold winter

He met his wife karin at a skiing trip organized by horst knaute, who was the district youth welfare officer at the time. "I liked the needle and didn’t let go", the jubilarian tells. That was in 1973. They got married in 1975.

His second great love, local politics, found dispute in 1978. "At that time, eduard noth asked me if I would like to run for office on the CSU list. I have agreed, but far behind, on place 28". The businessman was preselected for seventh place. "I was totally surprised", stresses streit, who had a local political role model in paul weber. He was unagitated and determined.

Franz streit, who has improved his results in every election since 1978 and has been mayor of his hometown since 2002, represents forchheim like hardly anyone else. His outstanding characteristics: down-to-earth, straightforward, reliable, and humorous. He describes himself with a wink "too heavy for the world"."

And further: "even if I am in conflict, I am in need of harmony." But that did not mean he avoided controversy. "When I am convinced of something, I fight for it. I don’t let anyone or anything get in my way."

Justice and fairness are important

Justice and fairness are important to the honorary judge. He adds: "in the courtroom, I have always sat upstairs, never in the dock."

The 70-year-old’s favorite drink is definitely beer. I like a tart beer, which should never be missing from the fridge. "I am less selective when it comes to food. I eat everything, but I like short-roasted food best, like steaks or frankfurters," says streit, betrayal quarrel, who especially appreciates italian cuisine.

As a beer-genius, the forchheim native is also a spat homecomer in due time. But that does not exclude the early riser. "I cannot work at night. To solve problems, I have to be rested", franz streit confesses. In his active career, he regularly got up at 5 a.M. On weekdays to read the newspaper and drink coffee first, and to start his day in good shape. Even as a child, he crawled out of bed early to go to the altar. "I hate hectic", the emotional streit, who also keeps a cool head when it matters, confesses.

Streit makes himself really comfortable in his home with a good cigar. "I try not to mess with my health, but asceticism is not my thing. I’d rather enjoy it and be 97 instead of 100," he says.

Favorite place cellar forest

He spontaneously names the kellerwald as his favorite place in forchheim. He likes to be with his friends in rovereto or with his wife karin on the island of sylt. But nowhere is as comfortable as at home "there is no hotel where i feel as comfortable as in my own four walls", franz concedes.

For the sake of his wife, however, he wants to travel a little more in the next few years. "Then I look forward to forchheim even more", laughs the jubilarian, who wants to retire from city politics. But the entrepreneur, who has a balanced relationship with money, says he wants to run again for the district council. "You can save yourself dead, but you mustn’t throw the money out the window either. Everything in its own time and everything needs to be well thought out", finds quarrel.

"When I look back, there are few things I would do differently. I am at peace with myself. I am particularly grateful that I met my wife, that she took me on and that our children turned out well", streit is satisfied.

And what goals does the "father" have? The forchheim beer queens? Here, too, the answer comes promptly. "I want to support my son in the company, have time for my wife and celebrate every birthday; it could be the last one."


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