“Heil hitler” is not acceptable

Michael busch the judge christian kretschmar addressed the defendant again energetically at the end of the trial before the erlangen district court: "the law stipulates that i can only discontinue proceedings if the defendant has confessed to the crime." The 19-year-old hebdorfer then looked at his father sitting in the courtroom, who at first did not know how to interpret the judge’s offer.

What happened? In february, the very young-looking man had gotten drunk. "Three vodka energy pre-mixed, one vodka energy self-mixed, one jack-daniels from the can", he admitted before the judge. In the meadow ground he met with friends to consume the drinks bought before in the discounter.

Dermaben "zugeschuttet" but the evening was not over. Against 21.At 30 o’clock he had gone to mcdonald’s in erlangen’s city center with a friend. He could not explain what happened then. He remembers that there was a dispute and that one of the opponents knocked out one of his front teeth as a result of an argument, he stated in court.

So he knows nothing more about what he is standing in court for. "Heil hitler" he is said to have been burning. Punishable according to the senior public prosecutor peter adelhardt as use of signs of unconstitutional organizations. A felony punishable by up to three years imprisonment.

Law regulates the process

The man, who had arrived without a lawyer, explained that he could not imagine this because he had no connection with the right-wing or even the extreme right-wing scene. The statements of the representative of the juvenile court assistance confirmed these statements. However, she also certified that the man had developmental delays.

The witness described the incident in the fast food restaurant and, when asked by the judge, confirmed that the words "heil hitler" had been shouted had been blasted through the room by the defendant. However, he was the only witness who noticed them. Other people present at the time were unable to confirm these statements during questioning by the police.

"The law stipulates that I can only discontinue proceedings if the accused has confessed to the crime." On this announcement of the judge and after a short pause for thought by son and father, the father gave the hint how the son should proceed. "I may have uttered these words", the defendant then explained.

As a result, there was no verdict. The process has been stopped for the time being. In five months, the man will have to give a hair sample to prove that he has complied with the requirement not to consume any alcohol. "If this is the case, the case will be finally closed." If the sample proves that he was drinking again during this time, the procedure will be reopened. Probably without such a rough offer as the man got this time.


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