Defense counsel in bvb trial: “it was not an attempted murder”

Defense counsel in bvb trial: 'it was not an attempted murder'

The suspected BVB assassin sergej W. Should not be convicted of attempted murder according to the will of his defenders.

In their plea before the dortmund jury court on thursday, lawyers carl heydenreich and christos psaltiras requested a prison sentence of significantly less than ten years for causing an explosive detonation. The 29-year-old defendant had been involved in the bombing on 11. April 2017 had no intent to kill, but only wanted to spread fear and terror. "He trusted that he could control the bombs," lawyer heydenreich said in his closing argument.

The two defenders also used their speeches to launch harsh attacks on the prosecution and the other authorities involved in the investigation. From the beginning was not objective against sergej W. Investigated. No one had asked whether the russian-born german actually wanted to kill the players, coaches and managers of borussia dortmund in order to achieve his goal. "There was an unspeakable combination of pre-judgment, incompetence and ignorance in the investigations," says heydenreich.

Sergei W. Admitted in the trial that he wanted to use the attack to influence the share price of the fubball club, which is listed on the stock exchange. He had previously purchased warrants with borrowed money, betting on a falling share price. But killing the bus passengers was never part of the plan, the 29-year-old had told the judges.

Defense lawyer heydenreich is also convinced that his client deliberately built the bombs in such a way that "personal injury could reliably be avoided". In addition, sergei W. The explosives were deliberately hidden in a hedge next to the team bus. Where there had been additional parked cars.

During the attack, the spanish central defender marc bartra, who was still active for borussia dortmund at the time, was seriously injured in the forearm inside the team bus. A policeman who was supposed to drive ahead of the bus on the way from the team hotel to the signal iduna park had suffered a blast trauma. The official is now incapacitated for duty. The planned champions league match between borussia dortmund and AS monaco was canceled that evening and made up for the next day.

The defenders described sergej W. In her pladoyers as a deeply insecure person with narcissistic and self-absorbed traits. This also explains his allegedly apathetic behavior during the days of the trial in court. Inside, the 29-year-old was very agitated. "And he was so ashamed that he couldn’t even look marc bartra in the eye during his testimony," said lawyer heydenreich.

In his last words before the sentencing hearing, sergej w. On thursday once again in person to the parties involved in the proceedings. "I wanted to apologize to everyone," he said. Judges to deliver verdict on tuesday, 27. November, customers. The prosecution has asked for a life sentence for the defendant for attempted murder.


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