79 Seniors finally wanted to visit the castle thurn amusement park again

"It was a really wonderful senior citizens’ afternoon," says, tells the seniors’ representative of heroldsbach, erika schneider. She had the idea of taking the seniors on a trip to the schloss thurn amusement park.

"Burgermeister edgar buttner and i get along very well. That’s why I went to him with the idea", reports erika schneider. And buttner (SPD) immediately agreed that the municipality would cover the costs. The two had expected 40 seniors to attend. "68 people registered, and in the end there were 79 of us", says the senior citizens’ representative and laughs.

Oldest participant 98

At the entrance to the park, erika schneider, edgar buttner and benedikt von bentzel, managing director of the amusement park, buried the seniors, who were between 65 and 98 years old; most of them had last visited the facility many years ago and were eager to hear about new features. "We were all thrilled with the attractions. We felt like children again. Especially on the "chain merry-go-round, says the senior citizens’ representative and continues: "and at the knights’ games, we cheered that the good guys would really win."

In between the excitement there was coffee and cake and at the end a joint dinner. "It was very harmonious, the weather was perfect and we laughed a lot, erika schneider sums up and is pleased about the great interest in the senior afternoons in heroldsbach.


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