“Many opportunities for participation”

In the deanery of bamberg there were 45852 voters in 13 parishes who voted on 208 candidates for the parish council. 145 were elected, 59.3 percent of them are women. One of the chosen ones answered the interview with our newspaper: christoph brey, 40 years old, pedagogical director, now belongs to the parish council of st. Martin.

You have been elected to the parish council of st. Martin has been elected. Why did you decide to run for office??
Christoph brey: since my wife and I were very warmly welcomed to the parish of st. After we were accepted by st. Martin, we also volunteered here. In the parish council, I would like to try to contribute my talents and abilities in the future. A commitment to our church and the gospel should be a "matter of honor" for all christians his.
What opportunities do you have as council members to help shape community life??
There are many possibilities to participate in the life of the parish, everyone can do this according to his possibilities. The parish council has various tasks, ranging from helping to shape the liturgical and spiritual offerings of the parish, to commitment to the mission or the young people and seniors, to the organization of festivals and celebrations. Many more points could be mentioned here.

The parish priest is also a member of the council. Does this mean that the laymen will only agree to what he thinks is right??
It goes without saying that the pastor is a member of the parish council. The committee has primarily – also according to the statutes – an advisory function. It is to support and advise the pastor in his leadership task accordingly, as well as to bring in own impulses from the respective own area of life. It may be discussed with pleasure also controversially. The parish council is by no means just a body of yes-men that nods off what the parish priest wants.

What do you mean by lay apostolate??
Every christian should be apostolic or missionary, regardless of whether he is a lay person or an ordained minister. We have received this order from jesus himself. Through baptism and confirmation we are strengthened and called to bear witness to our faith. The subject of "mission or "new evangelization is more important today than ever!


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