Fasting instructions day 6: third day of fasting without solid food

Fasting instructions day 6: third day of fasting without solid food

The sixth day of your healing fast is also the third day without solid food. Furthermore there is plenty of tea, juice and mousse chestnut. If you freeze while fasting, like me, you should try fresh ginger in your tea.

Fasting: instructions for day 6

Day six is day three without solid food: their hunger pangs should have completely disappeared by now. If you feel discomfort or abdominal pain, a hot water bottle* or cherry stone pillow* are usually helpful. Should they trap they are trying to dilute fruit and vegetable juice more strongly.

Kerber enjoys role in the shadow of the stars – spab “still there

Kerber enjoys role in the shadow of the stars - spab 'still there

Angelique kerber enjoyed the silence before the hustle and bustle. Unlike in previous years, when the top-ten player from kiel always had to take part in countless media and sponsor activities before the start of the US open, this time kerber was not in the limelight.

So she got something positive out of her so far weak season. “I am very happy to have peace and quiet. I”m trying to put all my focus on tennis so that I can get back my consistency and rhythm,” kerber said before the start of the last grand slam tournament of the tennis year, which begins for her on monday against frenchwoman kristina mladenovic.

Rodental couple defend themselves against tree felling

It is one of those occasions when many of the people involved shrug their shoulders. But elke and manfred welsch do not do it. Symbolically speaking, they stomped on the ground with their fub, fighting for the existence of a stately oak tree in the residential area on mecklenburger strabe. But the chances that the tree will still be standing next year are not particularly high.

Last year, the owners' association decided that the tree had to be cut down. "The decision is legally binding and it is only a matter of time before the tree is cut down", says franz christ (chairman of the owners' association's advisory board), shrugging his shoulders. In the case of a community of owners, it is the majority that decides – and the majority has spoken clearly, only against the vote of the welsch family. But christ also admits: "it is the most beautiful and coarse tree in our plant."

Next stop new york: greta thunberg sets sail

next stop new york: greta thunberg sets sail

The swedish climate activist greta thunberg has set off for the USA on board an ocean-going sailing yacht. Together with the two professional sailors boris herrmann and pierre casiraghi, the 16-year-old set sail from plymouth, england.

The yacht "malizia" will now take her to new york in just under two weeks. After a year of climate protests in stockholm and other european cities, thunberg wants to take her advocacy against the climate crisis overseas to a new level.