Children conquer the free slide

Even horses were present this time at the children's parade for the kronach free push. The kronach fire department, which formed the end of the day's work, was present on the occasion of this year's 150th anniversary of its founding. Historically on the move – and that includes two horses.

A bit further in the front of the train there were already horses to see – but these were children, who had made their own horseheads out of cardboard and tied them around themselves.

Gymnast and fubballer

There were also many children in leotards, beating bicycles, boys and girls in fubball jerseys or little flobers being pulled through the city on a flob. Others – like the children of the showmen – passed the numerous spectators at the edge of the road on trailers attached to tractors and threw out sweets and other sweets from there.

Once they arrived at the festival square, the children had to push their bikes not only to test rides, but also to determine the king of the birds and the queen of the swans.



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