Presentation on “bamberg 2050”: education is the key

presentation on 'bamberg 2050': education is the key

One in three people in germany will be over 60 in 2050, according to the german federal statistical office’s forecast. "This group is growing the fastest and life expectancy will increase", says manfred riederle, deputy executive director of the bavarian city council, in his keynote speech at the think tank hosted by the volkshochschule and frankischer tag on saturday. Health care is therefore becoming a "mega challenge" for the coming decades. The number of singles continues to rise, poverty among the elderly is on the increase, and the number of people in employment continues to decline – also in bamberg. The city as a "silver city? One of the challenges that municipalities had to face, for example, with an overall senior policy concept or neighborhood management.

For riederle, however, the digital revolution, which has brought about "breathtaking progress," is of central importance and will continue to be the driver of economic growth. Which, according to some studies, could lead to an increase in unemployment, but certainly to a changed working world.
To counter this, education is of central importance, he said. In view of the ever shorter innovation cycles in the economy, the education system must also be adapted. So it’s a matter of "learning to learn, and learning for life". Continuing education and training also needed to be further strengthened. It is possible that in the future educational institutions will offer their services worldwide via the internet. Economy and education are closely linked in the age of digitalization.

Ipad instead of slate board – that’s not enough

Nevertheless, riederle does not want this to be understood as an advertisement for the economization of education. The 57-year-old also warns against drawing the wrong conclusions: "the city of today is not the city of tomorrow with a little digitization." It was not enough, he said, to simply replace the slate with the ipad, to put it bluntly. At the same time, it is also about preparing for a more complex world.

Riederle had a lot of praise for the existing structures in bamberg. The city had major advantages due to the university. He thinks that cooperation should be intensified in order to further secure the business location.

In the area of mobility, he sees bamberg in a good position with its public transport system. But in the future, the central question will be: "do we want to put more vehicles or more people on the road??"


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