Cable work paralyzes the access road to jean paul street

The shell of the new building of the housing construction and redevelopment company at jean-paul-strabe 6 and 8 has been completed. Currently, the 22 publicly demanded social housing the fiber optic cable is laid. In addition, the house connections for electricity, gas and water must be installed.

Forchheim’s public utility company took the opportunity to renew the street lighting along bammersdorfer strabe. "All streetlights that are not stable will be replaced", confirms werner schwarzmann, construction site coordinator at forchheim’s public utility company. That was the case in the bammersdorfer strabe.

Construction work on the apartments was on schedule, confirms managing director alexander dworschak. It is expected that the construction work will be completed in january. And the people interested in renting are lining up. But so far you can only see the apartments on the plan. Dworschak regrets that there will be no opportunity to see the inside of the new apartments until the beginning of next year.

He also has good news for residents who have had to live with disruptions over the past four weeks. At the moment, the access road to jean-paul-strabe is completely closed at the height of the parish church verklarung christi. But in one week, the work should be completed, hopes werner schwarzmann.


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