The guardian club unfinden raises the tension for the spectators at the push

The guardian club unfinden raises the tension for the spectators at the push

When you, as a connoisseur of old sliding systems, enter the guardhouse in unfinden with its eight sliding stands, you rub your eyes at first glance. Because a lot has changed there. There is no longer a need to stretch ropes to move the push cards, digitalization has taken hold there.

At each of the eight sliding stands there is a screen on which each shooter can see the result of his shot. At a distance of ten meters, a target lights up in various colors and coarsenesses, depending on whether you are shooting with an air rifle or an air pistol. Of course, the colors also play a role in the hits: "red" on the screen means that was a ten "yellow" stands for the nine "grun for all hits below.

More attractive also for the spectators

But it wasn’t just the guards who were thought of with the new sliding facility, but also the spectators. For on a rough canvas the slide results can be followed immediately. Viewers get to see directly how the score stands in a shoving match, and no longer have to wait for individual cards to be scored. In this way, even when pushing, tension can arise, which had often not been possible in the old form of competitions.

A lot of time and money invested

The unfinden guardian association has spent several thousand euros on this new facility, as guardian master daniel giebl explained when he proudly presented the facility on sunday afternoon. But that was not the only thing that made the new bar possible; a few hundred hours of volunteer work also went into it. "Without you it would not have worked!", he praised the great help of the members.

City councillor thomas hendrich was also impressed, speaking on behalf of mayor claus bittenbrunn and describing the facility as a "quantum leap" and described, as it were, as a lighthouse project in the pushing sport.

The competition that followed the official handover showed that the new plant passed its baptism of fire with flying colors. The eight best shooters of the club competed against each other in the air pistol and air rifle disciplines in the final shoot-off for the club championship, which the numerous spectators were able to follow attentively on the big screen. Winner and winner of the club championship cups were tobias piechaczek with the air pistol and mirko streng with the air rifle.


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