“I am especially ashamed of my former school, the mgf.”

To the article "climate protection with headwinds (BR from 21./22. September) is written to us: it was rather a "friday for omas& grandpa's" on the market square in kulmbach. These were there with great descriptions and in large numbers. Stand up for the future of their grandchildren. Sadly, however, so few companies could bring themselves to exchange profit for commitment, at least for an hour. Much sadder, however, was the fact that only 30 schoolgirls dared to attend their own event, many of them because they had a free period anyway.

The schools in kulmbach are to be given a poor report card here. In my view, they have clearly failed in their educational mission. Because, dear school administrators and teachers: political education and civil courage belong – especially today – just as much as science, languages and so on. We have all noticed that there was pressure from the ministry of education. That our teachers for the 3. (!) worldwide climate strike – so it's not about being absent every friday – not finding a way around it, or looking for it at all, i find that very disappointing.

I am particularly ashamed of my former school, the MGF. In this case, it would have been possible for each teacher to go on a school trip with the class, on the one hand to avoid sanctions for those entrusted to them, and on the other hand to take advantage of a current opportunity for education. There was a lot to learn from the speakers at the marketplace, and it was more vivid than in dry, curricular lessons: living democracy through an open stage and speakers who sometimes decide to say something spontaneously. Climate change affects all areas and was easy to integrate at the event in physics, chemistry, economics, geography, but also languages, for example, in the context of the soon to come climate change-induced migration flows.

For the teachers, unfortunately, I have to pronounce a clear 6 with it. I was by no means a good student, but in terms of social studies and civic courage I was clearly given detention. I immediately thought of several ways to be able to stay away from normal lessons.

It was a good demo, but without the main protagonists, the schools.

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