Pensioner hoarded kalashnikovs and hand grenades

A 67-year-old pensioner in the district of kitzingen pursued a hobby that was as dangerous as it was illegal: he collected hand grenades and firearms that were not intended for hunting or sporting purposes, but for use in war. That is why there was a major police operation on monday, as reported by the state criminal police office (LKA) in munich.

At the police station in kitzingen, a tip-off was received during a family quarrel, which the officers investigated: the pensioner was "found to be in possession of several hand grenades and firearms", it was said. The public prosecutor’s office in wurzburg ordered the search of his presence.

Explosive finds during search

The LKA’s technical task force and the wurzburg police found "several hand grenades, firearms, ammunition and ammunition parts of various calibers," according to a press release from the LKA. The suspected perpetrator was not on site during the search.

Officers found him in his second home. As it was not clear at the time whether the pensioner had any other weapons or explosives, a special task force was brought in to help with the preliminary arrest. The next day at noon, the man was arrested without resistance.

LKA and public prosecutor’s office took over the investigation. During questioning, the pensioner stated that he had stored other items relevant to weapons law at another location. These were also seized by the police.

Arrest warrant issued

In total, two hand grenades, two pistols, a revolver, several bullets and cartridges as well as the barrel of a carbine and the housing of an AK 47 (kalashnikov) with trigger mechanism and barrel were recovered. At the request of the public prosecutor’s office, the investigating judge issued a warrant for the 67-year-old’s arrest on wednesday. Suspicion of crimes against the war weapons control act, offenses against the explosives act and offenses against the weapons act.

It is currently unclear whether the pensioner is a pure weapons fanatic or whether there is more behind the collection. In response to a question, the LKA said: "the accused, who has no criminal record, gave no indication of planned criminal acts, in particular no indication of a terrorist background." This is why the arrest warrant was suspended.


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