The bridge construction site at breitenbach is now being rebuilt again

The bridge construction site at breitenbach is now being rebuilt again

Josef hofbauer at a site visit to the newly constructed bridges along the eschlipper talstrabe, architect max brust of the weyrauther engineering office drew an all-round positive conclusion. The bridges built by the ROH construction company were completed on schedule. "We have tried to affect the residents as little as possible", insured contractor egon rohleder.

The damage to the houses, which had led to a temporary suspension of the construction work, were very fine hairline cracks, max brust assured the jury. This was confirmed by an expert. The cracks were easily removed with a brush and paint, brust said.

The sheet pile walls were installed with appropriate caution. The work of the high-performance vibrators had been permanently monitored. At a rate of three millimeters per minute, the work has been stopped. More consideration is not feasible, says brust.

The planner acknowledged that final waterproofing of the bridges could not be applied until spring. The foil and the concrete layer were a provisional solution for the winter time. However, additional costs are not to be expected. "This is a matter for the subcontractor. It wasn’t finished in time", strengthened chest. The wooden bridge railings are also only provisional. The final railings are to be installed only after the completion of the overall inspection, because the remaining bridges along the breitenbach are to be renewed next year.

"We will basically have the same situation as this year. With the same detour" planner brust clarified. He also pointed out that all the stairs leading down to the breitenbach channel had been preserved. The renaturation of the breitenbach will be carried out in conjunction with the water management office in the coming year. A dredger operator with experience in such matters has already been engaged.


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