Kurpark attracts to the season finale in bad rodach

Bad rodachafter the great success of the "genusstage coburger land last year, anything else would have been a surprise: the kurparkfest has been resurrected. On the weekend of 16./17. Life is coming back to the eight-hectare area next to the thermal baths. "A festival for regional feasting and feasting" there will be two days, announces stine michel, the manager of the spa in bad rodach.

The people of bad rodach are expecting a lot of visitors at the two-day festival. Besides the lauscha glass princess and the upper franconian beer queen, sonja wagner, the bavarian milk queen is also expected in the spa park. The 21-year-old comes from wonsees in the district of kulmbach, but has almost a home game in bad rodach. Her family's farm is a supplier for the wiesenfeld dairy, which in turn is supporting this year's spa festival as a partner of the spa operation. "That's why I'm pleased to be able to bring the kase to the people here", says the milk queen. The partners of the thermal spa and the grob dairy, who at first glance appear to be disparate, have apparently sought and found each other, and not just during the enjoyment days.

"We have already cooperated closely during the green week in berlin", reports nancy grau, who heads the marketing department at the thermal spa. The positive experiences are the basis for considerations to perform together more often in the future – like now at the first kurparkfest after a long time, she says.

Shuttle bus to the city

A bit of planning skill was necessary for the comeback of the kurpark festival, however. Looking at the city's calendar of events, stine michel first noticed: "there's always something going on here, everywhere."

For example, the johanniskirchweih and the wine festival in the strobel hall are two more major events taking place in the city next weekend. Stine michel does not see the kurparkfest as a competitor: "we want to be a partner for the kurpark."

On the one hand, this means that the program in the spa park always ends in the early evening. On the other hand, there will be a shuttle service that will transport visitors from the kurpark to the city center and back. The manager is looking forward to this kind of cooperation: "the city is there for us – and we for the city." As a further sign of this, the spa company has also added references to the "french wine evening" to the back of its flyers for the spa park festival and the johanniskirchweih printed. The fact that the program of the kurparkfest comes to an end at nightfall fits into the concept of the kurparkfest anyway.

"Our target group is clearly the families", explains nancy grau. In order for parents to find enough time to feast a little at the regional food stands, the children must of course be kept busy. In the spa park, the offer is therefore broad: XXL play equipment, climbing equipment, trampolines – all this is complemented by a children's program by the municipal youth welfare department.

For stine michel it is high time to put the spa park back in the spotlight – after all, a real spa town also needs a good spa park. "Spot highlights" the head of the spa operation can imagine every year there, whereas the "cinema summer" that ended only a few days ago, is already a success be a perfect example of the use of the park with its beautiful ambience".

And in the future then every year the kurparkfest, possibly as a fixed conclusion of the summer season in bad rodach. Stine michel is in any case already convinced: "I firmly assume that this event will become established."


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