Fort-hood-schutze found guilty

Fort-hood-schutze found guilty

He was convicted of 13 counts of premeditated murder and 32 counts of attempted murder, the newspaper "austin american-statesman" reported on friday. But the penalty will be announced later. 42-year-old hasan, who had already confessed to the crime, faces the death penalty.

Hasan caused a bloodbath at the military base in texas in november 2009. He had already pleaded guilty in the proceedings and waived any defense. Trial observers said he was virtually striving for his execution. It was the first time since 1961 that an active U.S. Soldier was executed.

The prosecution accused him of being an islamist jihadist warrior who wanted to kill as many U.S. Soldiers as possible.

Hasan was overpowered by the police during the crime and has since been paralyzed from the waist down.

"The evidence will clearly show that i am the protector," hasan said in a brief opening statement at the start of the trial. He followed the entire trial practically wordlessly and without movement, trial observers reported from the courtroom in texas. He also took the reading of the verdict on friday with stoic calm.

Hasan had two guns and more than 400 rounds of ammunition with him and fired wildly during his rampage. The military psychiatrist stated in advance hearings that his motive was to protect the radical islamic taliban in afghanistan from U.S. Soldiers.

The defendant faces the death penalty if the 13 members of the jury decide courageously in favor of it. Hasan was able to delay the execution for many years, according to experts, through legal manover.


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