Olympic fire in fukushima: “light at the end of the tunnel

A small lantern with the flame will be on display until the end of april at the J-village soccer training center near the ruins of the fukushima nuclear power plant, as the organizers of the games, which have been postponed to next year, announced at a handover ceremony. The access for the burghers is subject to restrictions for protection against the coronavirus. The flame was handed over to a representative of fukushima, where it was supposed to be on the 26th. March the torch relay should have started. Due to the postponement of the games for one year, the torch relay was also suspended for the time being.

The olympic flame was lit on 20. Marz arriving from greece at a military base in the neighboring province of miyagi. Regardless of the worries about the corona virus pandemic, on the following day around 55.000 japanese in the provincial capital sendai visited the fire. Organizers spoke of the "flame of recovery". In 2011, an earthquake and a resulting tsunami caused a natural disaster in the region, killing more than 18,500 people. Nuclear meltdowns subsequently occurred at the fukushima nuclear power plant.

Because of the corona pandemic, the flame now has another symbolic meaning. The president of the international olympic committee, thomas bach, said the fire could become "the light at the end of the tunnel" through which the world is currently passing. The olympic games, postponed to next year because of the corona pandemic, will be held from the 23rd to the 23rd. July until 8. August 2021 – almost one year to the day after the original date.


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