China commemorates coronavirus victims with three minutes of silence

China has commemorated the deaths caused by the new coronavirus with three minutes of silence. Countrywide howled on chinese death memorial day saturday at 10.00 local time (04.00 o’clock CEST) the sirens. Also honked cars and ships love their horns sounding. National flags on public buildings and in chinese embassies around the world fly at half-mast.

The commemoration is in honor of "martyrs and compatriots who died in the fight against the epidemic," according to the council of state. On the "qingming festival", chinese people traditionally mourn their dead and go to the cemeteries to clean the graves. Usually flowers, food and other objects are laid for the dead and paper money and cigarette sticks are burned.

But as restrictions remain in place to prevent the spread of the sars cov 2 virus, many provinces have urged people not to make pilgrimages to the graves this year. Rather, the dead should be remembered at home. Also, cemeteries in many places are limiting the number of visitors this weekend or requiring reservations in advance.


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