Karl-theodor zu guttenberg as spokesman in plassenburg film

The friends of the plassenburg invite for sunday, 18. March, free admission to the kulmbach cinema cineplex for the premiere of the film "the plassenburg a. In the context of a matinee at 11 a.M., the plassenburg, spectacularly staged by cameraman alexander muck by means of aerial shots, will be shown as hardly anyone has ever seen it before.

The highlight of the film: karl-theodor zu guttenberg lent his voice to the association project as narrator of the texts written by the association’s secretary andrea senf. For this purpose, a room in guttenberg castle was converted into an improvised recording studio. Within two days, all the passages had been recorded.

The long-time member of the friends of the plassenburg does not appear in front of the camera himself, but acts as an off-screen narrator, as is known from documentary films, for example. Zu guttenberg also loved to incorporate his own knowledge from his family history.

His ancestors from plassenberg were once responsible for this site, but after a dispute with the owners, the burgraves of olamundy, they moved out without further ado and renamed themselves after their own castle of guttenberg in 1331. Whether zu guttenberg will be personally present at the premiere in the cinema, weith could not confirm, he is invited in any case.

The music for the short film was composed by stefan schnabel from baumgarten, who has been in charge of the association’s internet presence for several years now. Chairman peter weith and his wife ramona came up with the idea three years ago after they had seen a film by muck about the kindergarten in burghaig, which both impressed and deeply moved them.

For years it had been said in kulmbach that the castle was not advertised enough, that there was a lack of positive material to make it better known and to attract visitors. "Complaining doesn’t help – and neither does long waiting for others to be able to promote the castle", so far.

One wants to make all people curious about the plassenburg castle. Therefore, about two and a half years ago, the board of the association decided to present the plassenburg in a lasting and impressive way by means of a promotional and at the same time documentarily correct film.

"People from the region and those who know the plassenburg should be enthusiastic about the film, as well as people who are not yet familiar with it. And this is also a worthy project for the 90th anniversary of the association, which we will be celebrating in 2018", widely explained the intention of the association.

But all the planning and all the enthusiasm would have been in vain if they had not received sustained support for the project from the bavarian castle administration.

After the premiere, the DVD of the film, which lasts about a quarter of an hour, will be available for purchase from the friends of the plassenburg.

In addition to the history of the building, the film will also talk about life in the castle. The margraves albrecht alcibiades, georg friedrich and christian will appear in the film as well as the woman kunigunde von orlamunde.

The film is essentially a work created by volunteer members of the association, with the district local historian harald stark and holger peilnsteiner acting in an advisory capacity. "We didn’t create a clinically clear documentary, as you know it from television, but with a lot of heart and soul, we shot a film with impressive footage and overwhelming perspectives, which is supposed to move", the chairman of the association describes the finished work.

In fact, even from airplanes, hardly anyone has ever been able to take such pictures as muck did with his drone. Their pictures show the towers, wall masses and hidden otherwise inaccessible courtyards and bulwarks of the castle from a hitherto unknown perspective.

The eastern areas around the high bastion and the long battery, demolished by napoleon’s order in 1807, have rarely been seen in such clarity and detail. The friends of the plassenburg are also proud to have financed the film and several thousand dvds themselves, without any demands.

In the prelude to the plassenburg film, a black-and-white film about a cultural festival in kulmbach from 1929, preserved in the city archives, will be shown, as well as a foray into the early years of aerial photography. From a private archive, the friends of the plassenburg present aerial views from the period 1917 to 1960 on the coarse cinema screen, which form a remarkable contrast to the modern shots of the following film.

Free admission for visitors to the 18. Marz one time to see this film on the big screen at the cineplex kulmbach. Subsequently, the DVD of the film will be available for purchase at the association friends of the plassenburg for 7.50 euros. The entire matinee, with two films and a picture show, will last an hour, according to weith.


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