Burger award for barbara kick and gerhard kading

Barbara kick reports on children who don’t know kohlrabi or how to peel carrots at the table. She has just been awarded the burger prize for her life’s work. Her laudator, district administrator hermann ulm (CSU), had previously highlighted her initiative to care for sick children of working parents.

"Kanguru" highlights the offer that kick has launched through the german housewives association erlangen, also for emergencies in the city and county of forchheim. "We are looking for helpers who can go to the home of a sick child," she says, kick combines thanks for award with search for successor.

Children’s cooking classes

At the moment, the children’s cooking classes in the kitchen of the adalbert stifter school in forchheim are particularly close to her heart. "We will bake patties next time", tells kick further. She counters the objection that this is not healthy food with the poor knowledge of many children from the social hotspot of forchheim-north. "Here it’s all about making your own; you take cookies out of packages. Some people only know how to make soup; they don’t know that you can also eat vegetables raw, she links up with the basic aim of the course, in which she cooks and bakes together with the open youth work and also with handicapped children.

Divorced parents

The "escorted transition" is certainly not an easy task. Here, kick and her comrades-in-arms, in cooperation with the youth welfare office and educational counseling, help divorced or separated parents find a solution with the other parent’s right of contact. "Some people can no longer talk to each other at all", she describes the often tricky initial situation. Ten times the support is usually offered, enough time for the parents concerned to come to an arrangement, as she hopes.

Gerhard kading – his name is familiar to many people, as the electrician has been involved in rescue services and disaster control for decades, and not only there. Mayor franz streit (CSU) tried to list her many commitments: in the city council, with the bavarian red cross (BRK), with the sebastiani brotherhood, as a seniors’ representative and partnership representative for forchheim’s romanian twin town gherla. At its core, he said, "kading acts out of a strong christian love for its neighbors."

Kading does not think much of honors, as he freely admitted. "You honor who you want to get rid of. But I don’t do that favor." He wants to continue – as does kick.

Whether his and her energy comes from having done volunteer work at a young age? For kading, it began at the age of nine, as an altar boy at the early mass in st. Martin. Then come the many years of training first responders, and and and. In 1990, he remembers, he was on his first mission for the children’s home in gherla. He wanted to limit his commitment to three years. But then he received a christmas card painted by kinderhanden with the text: "to our father in germany." "And you don’t want to go there anymore?", said kading’s wife only. And he went there again, also with his staff for technical work.

No U21 price

In the category U21 the burgerpreis jury with the two members of the bundestag thomas silberhorn (CSU) and andreas schwarz (SPD) found no suitable proposals. As "everydayheroes" choose the ehrenburg senior citizens’ association from. "We want to be a voice for those who need help", chairwoman angelika fuchs described the broad palette of tasks.

Two things are of particular concern to her at the moment: the organization of transport services to "jot-we-de," as she casually called the distance problems in french-speaking switzerland. And: "I am shocked that 100 nursing places will be eliminated in the next year." The inevitable consequence for fuchs is an increase in outpatient services. "This is a matter close to my heart", she emphasized and added the request for more voluntary helpers.


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