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His wife christina gornik comes from the saarland and has been going to france switzerland for a short vacation for three years now. To the "beautiful gobweinstein/wichsenstein", as she writes. But there was a shadow over her last visit: "we had hardly arrived when our leo was attacked by a loose dog. He was frightened and ran away. No sooner had he reached the main road than he was almost run over by a motorcycle. As a result, he was so frightened that he could no longer be caught. Since leo has been sighted from time to time, I hope he is still alive. He is originally from spain and has been treated very badly there. Probably the fright has torn up old behavior patterns."

The animal help franken and the animal home forchheim could not help with the search, now the readers are gorniks last hope. Who has seen leo, can contact the editorial office. It would also be a service to tourism in the region. "I would like to spend a carefree vacation in france next year as well", writes gornik.


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